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App that allows you to paste the contents of the clipboard as a file or folder (See all)
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Paste As File is a Windows utility that allows you to paste the contents of the clipboard as a file or folder. The app takes any document, image, executable, piece of text, URL, or whatever is on your clipboard and lets you save it as a file in different formats, like PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, PNG, JPG, PCX, and others, depending on the file type. In this version, clipboard content can also saved to a zipped folder in ZIP and 7z formats.

Paste As File runs in the background as you use your computer, so there are no difficult menus to memorize or functions to understand. Whenever you copy files to the clipboard, you can use the newly-added Paste As File feature on the context menu to create a new file. A pop-up menu will show up, that will let you name your new file, or use the generic name already assigned, as well as determine what type of extension you want to save your file in.

For example, you can copy a piece of text and use the app to save it as a PDF, HTML, or TXT file without opening any extra program. You can also use the application to copy a group of pictures or audio files, for instance, and save them as a ZIP file or as a detailed list in TXT format.

You can even customize some of the capabilities that Paste As File provides, like enabling RTF files; converting plain text to Javascript, PHP, or HTML; or choosing to clear your clipboard after each paste.

Working with Paste As File is quick and easy, and it is a reliable program that adds a useful function to the Windows clipboard. The trial version of Paste As File is fully functional and can be evaluated during 15 days.

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  • Adds a very useful function to the clipboard
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Lightweight app that does its job
  • Trial is fully functional


  • No disadvantages found
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